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Personal Protect
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Personal Protect offers you the much-needed financial security you want to give your family. Personal Protect does not stop with death benefits but also avail cover for other consequences like permanent total disability, permanen t partial disability and temporary total disability. The amount not only helps you recover but manage your day to day life as well.


  • Coverage against Accidental Death or Permanent Total Disablement (PTD) due to an accident
  • Optional coverage against Accidental Hospitalisation Expenses and Accidental Hospital Daily Allowance
  • The policy covers different types of accidents like road, rail accidents, accidents due to natural calamities and arising out of terrorism/ terrorist acts.
  • No health check-up required for policy issuance
  • Worldwide coverage of the policy
  • Accidental Hospitalisation Expenses Reimbursement: Medical expenses incurred in case of Hospitalisation (minimum of 24 hrs), due to injury, within 7 days from the date of accident.
  • Accidental Hospital Daily Allowance: Per day allowance paid to Insured person each day during Hospitalisation after the Insured event, not exceeding 30 days of Hospitalisation, deductible of 1 day.
Title Description
Accidental Death As per sum insured
Permanent Total Disablement Reimburses medical expenses incurred during hospitalization, arising out of injury , within 7 days from the date of accident (subject to sum insured opted)
Accidental Hospitalization Expenses Reimbursement Medical expenses incurred in case of Hospitalization (minimum of 24 hrs.), due to injury, within 7 days from the date of accident
Terrorism and act of Terrorism Provides coverage in case of any claim arising out of terrorism or act of terrorism
Accidental hospital daily allowance Pays a specific daily allowance for each day of hospitalization. (Max 30 days)