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Fixed Deposits

What is a Fixed Deposit?

A fixed deposit (FD) or term deposit is a savings option offered by corporates wherein depositors can invest their money for a fixed tenure and rate. The rate of interest depends on the duration of the deposits & the corporate.

Benefits / Features:

  • Depositors can earn interest on funds invested.
  • Encourages a habit of savings
  • Deposit rates better than most public & private bank deposit rates
  • A depositor can open multiple folios for such deposits with other joint holders.
  • The deposit can be renewed, if permitted by the terms of deposits of the corporate, or withdrawn on maturity.
  • The interest earned on FDs gets credited to the depositor’s account either on cumulative or non-cumulative basis, if permitted by the terms of the deposits, as opted by the investor.
  • Premature withdrawals are permitted if and as included in the terms of the deposits. Premature withdrawal charges are levied (percentage of charges may vary from corporate to corporate) as per the terms of the deposits.
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LIC Housing Finance FD Interest Rates, Nov 2018

The Company has revised the rates of interest on Public Deposits with effect date from 01st September, 2017 as under.


Tenure FD Rates Senior Citizen FD Rates INTEREST RATE FOR CORPORATE
1 year 8.15% 8.40% 8.15%
1 year 6 months 8.15% 8.40% 8.15%
2 YEAR 8.20% 8.45% 8.20%
3 YEAR 8.25% 8.50% 8.25%
5 YEAR 8.30% 8.55% 8.30%

Interest is Payable/Compoundable Annually.


Term INTEREST RATE P.A. 5 CRORES WILL BECOME (cumulative scheme)
1 YEAR 7.20% p.a. 5,36,00,000/-
18 MONTHS 7.20% p.a. 5,55,29,600/-
2 YEAR 7.25% p.a. 5,75,12,813/-
3 YEAR 7.30% p.a. 6,17,68,801/-
5 YEAR 7.30% p.a. 7,11,16,212/-


Deposits upto RS. 5 CRORE
Cumulative / Non - Cumulative scheme

Term INTEREST RATE P.A. 10,000/- WILL BECOME(cumulative scheme)
1 YEAR 7.30% p.a. 10,730/-
18 MONTHS 7.35% p.a. 11,130/-
2 YEAR 7.40% p.a. 11.535/-
3 YEAR 7.45% p.a.  12,406/-
5 YEAR 7.45% p.a. 14,323/-

Under Non-Cumulative Deposit Scheme, Interest will be payable on 31st March & under Cumulative Deposit Scheme, interest will be compounded annually. 

Frequently Asked Questions
SANCHAY is the name of Public Deposit scheme offered by LIC Housing Finance Limited. The company started accepting deposits from May, 2007.
The “SANCHAY” Public Deposit Scheme is rated FAAA/Stable by CRISIL.
The minimum amount of investment is Rs. 10,000/- and thereafter additional deposit accepted in multiples of Rs. 1,000/-.
Deposit can be placed by Resident Individuals, HUF, Limited, Private Limited Companies, NRI, Co-operative Societies, and Association of Persons.
The Company is eligible to accept deposits from Trusts under Section 11(5) (ix) of the Income tax Act, 1961.
The deposits can be placed under both Cumulative and Non-Cumulative Option.
Deposits can be placed for duration of 1year, 18 months, 2 years, 3 years and 5 years. However the maximum term of deposit allowed for NRI is 3 years.
Deposits are accepted in joint names not exceeding three in number. However all communication will be addressed to the first name depositor and payment of interest and repayment of principal amount would be made to the first named depositor.
The interest is paid /compounded on annual basis. The payment of interest under cumulative Option will be compounded with annually rest. and will be paid at time of maturity. Under Non-Cumulative Option, interest will be paid annually i.e., on 31st March. The Interest is directly credited to bank account, if ECS option is opted.
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