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Why we chose Squirrels as our mascot ?
At iKuber we wanted to have a Mascot from whom we could learn and draw parallels from. We chose the Squirrel as our Mascot as it exhibits numerous traits which if we imbibe could immensely help us achieve superior Financial Planning for ourselves and our near and dear ones.
Some of the key attributes of the Squirrel from which we could take inspiration are mentioned below:
Save nuts for winter
Squirrels work hard to evaluate good nuts and save them for the winter months when there is paucity of food. They are smart enough to understand their own needs and plan well ahead of times.
With longer life spans, rising health care costs, and a greater responsibility for individuals to provide our own retirement security, it is important for each of us to save, save and save. One should realize the value of savings during ones early years when ones income is rising to enable one to sustain during their retirement phase.
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Evaluate nuts before hiding
Squirrels use their sharp vision and smell to size up the nuts to see which ones are good and edible.
While evaluating an investment for future one should be sure of the strategy and its potential to deliver the results one expects over many years. In a way, the act of investing is akin to evaluating & choosing the nuts.
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Diversify and don’t store nuts in same place
It is known that some squirrels move thousands of nuts among five or more locations to discourage pilfering by rival squirrels. To avoid losses, squirrels seek to reduce and manage risks.
This holds true while diversifying one’s investment portfolio. Rather than putting all our “fund nuts” in one basket, it is prudent to lessen the risk by spreading one’s investments across multiple investment options, as there’s less likelihood of all investment options going down in value at the same time.
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Take Time to Chew Things Over
Squirrels are known to dedicate the time they need to the process of chewing.
Squirrel methodology provides a lesson when considering how we humans must not rush into things and necessarily ‘chew and process information’ and make decisions including Financial decisions.
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Play Cements Your Relationships
Squirrels often scamper around and give chase to one another, up and down trees, jumping from limb to limb, and rolling about. But what do all their antics mean? It's all about relationships, play to develop coordination, strength and to simply have fun.
For humans, play is an integral part of our development. Research demonstrates that play promotes belonging, social awareness, cooperation, fairness, and altruism. Play gives us a chance to try new ideas, thus sparking both creativity and innovation. It fosters learning and innovative problem solving. Play helps one connect with others and enrich one’s lives.
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Always Have a Back-up Plan
Squirrels, thanks to their resourceful planning often have multiple dwellings, building dens in tree cavities as well as leaf nests high in hardwood trees. They sometimes also take emergency shelter in ground holes. They often build second homes near food sources and relocate to their back-up dwellings when they need to escape the threat of predators, fleas, or to be closer to food.
Perhaps we humans should learn from squirrels and have back-up plans for life emergencies we could face. Think about how one can build back-up plans and escape hatches into our life. How prepared are we? What steps do we need to take?
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This wise approach to disciplined savings, coupled with prudent and performance based selection of investing options is at the core of iKuber’s Financial Solutions. Besides over 100+ man-years of experience in the financial services, the iKuber team takes pride in emulating the wise tenets of savings and investing from our humble mascot, the squirrel.